Software Engineering is becoming more and more complex:

  • applications are often mobile, distributed and heterogeneous (e.g., in the Cloud and on smartphones)
  • applications require various user interactions at scale (e.g., chatbots, augmented reality)
  • programs often process large quantities of data (e.g., Big Data, urban transportation).

The aim of the UCD Complex Software Lab is to understand, engineer and improve complex software systems with the objective of helping developers and users of such systems. The ever increasing complexity of these systems forces the Software Engineering field to re-think its concepts. Researchers in the UCD Complex Software Lab approach these problems with a holistic and multi-disciplinary perspective, combining science and engineering, academic outputs with prototypes and tools.

The lab was founded and is currently led by Dr Anthony Ventresque. Dr Ventresque received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Nantes & INRIA France in 2008. He is currently a Lecturer in the School of Computer Science at University College Dublin, Ireland, and a Funded Investigator with Lero, the SFI Irish Software Research Centre.

The work of the UCD Complex Software Lab is funded through a number of research grants from Science Foundation Ireland, Irish Research Council, Enterprise IrelandUCD and has received support from companies such as Microsoft Skype division, IBM Research Dublin and IBM Toronto (Canada).